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De Vlinder

At a unique location on the Vitruviusweg, at the former location of primary school De Korenaar, a beautiful nature inclusive living environment will be created. It will ensure everlasting green, social connection and living together in harmony. Here you will find 51 beautiful apartments, which are divided over three sustainable buildings.

Where history and future meet
Project De Vlinder is named after the historic mosaic of a butterfly, that is found in the former school building. This building will be transformed, with the return of the mosaic. Butterflies are also used in the design on the roof, and in the pavement of the courtyard. And, on a beautiful summer’s day, thanks to the butterfly-friendly planting, you’ll find them in real life too!

The other two completely new buildings will be raised by half a floor to create space for parking, bicycle stands and storerooms. The courtyard formed between the three buildings offers possibilities for activities, playing and meeting. In other words, a place where all residents can come together and enjoy nature.

Green living
Sustainable and nature inclusive, these are the keywords of plan De Vlinder. Breeding boxes for birds, green roofs and walls, (re)use of sustainable materials, you will see it everywhere. The plan devotes much attention to biodiversity. In De Vlinder you live in a beautiful green setting with the buzz of the city just around the corner!

Protruding parts, beautiful combinations of robust bricks and stylish wood, plus a playful variety of the placement of the balconies create truly fascinating facades. Because of the wide variety of apartment types in De Vlinder, you will always find an apartment that suits you.

Video presentation
Below you will find the video presentation of the plans for De Vlinder as we presented them to the City of Eindhoven and to the neighborhood.

Video presentation